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About Hack-a-farm

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Our Background

Hack-a-farm Innovation Camp is an award winning proposal in Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund 2016, a prestigious grant competition created by The State Department of United States to support alumni initiatives that promote shared values and innovative solutions to global challenges. It wins a place among 61 winning teams from 829 project proposals, submitted by alumni teams from 137 countries.

We envision a space to meet the young generation of farming (students of agriculture vocational schools) and young tech-enthusiasts (students of engineering majors or tech club) with the young agri-preneurs, farmers, techpreneurs, and academic professionals who will share the real problem of Indonesia and Vietnam’s agriculture industry.

Hack-a-farm will be held both in Indonesia and Vietnam. We invite agriculture vocational schools students and college students to join this competition which will comprise 3 days live in the farmers' village, 36 hours non-stop hackathon, and judgment day. The winning teams will get chance to make a pilot project of their idea as the follow up besides winning prize.

When and Where


When: November 7th - 11th, 2016

Where: Minggir, Sleman and Kalibawang, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta


Note on funding: Committee will cover accommodation, meal, and learning needs for live in farmers village, hackathon, and hotel for last day. Committee will also provide basic maker kits for each team. Participants should cover their own transportation cost to Yogyakarta.


To be announced


What Do We Want to Bridge


  • Business


    Agro-preneurs are the veterans in the agricultural sector. With years of experience interacting with various parties within the agricultural community. They will share the ups and downs of their endeavour and provide insight on not only to survive but create positive impact in the sector.

  • Technology

    Technology Enthusiasts

    The people who have and are trying to introduce their solutions to the agricultural sector. They are those are passionate in empowering farmers by means of technology ranging from connected sensors, analytics, to e-commerce.

  • Catalyst


    There are many issues around food security and farming industry. Non-government Organization and other non-profit institutions are the party that ensure policy, government involvement, and responsible business work well. We invite NGOs and other non-profits to become our partners and give inputs in this competition.


  • Higher Education


    Number of tech enthusiasts in universities is growing. With the help of technology, students in universities are more open to new technology and inventions more than ever. College Students can join this competition and will be in the team together with agriculture vocational school so they can share what they know to each other.

  • School

    Agriculture Vocational School

    As agricultural countries, both Indonesia and Vietnam do have vocational schools in agriculture. In Agriculture Vocational School, students typically learn many things that are separated into several majors. We target the agronomy students, but we also open opportunity for other majors. They will be in the team with the college students as competing team.

  • Research

    Research Institution

    Data is a strong force these days, and research institutions is one of many parties that might have it. We invite researchers to give an overview where are we now, according to science.


Important Announcements

Friday, August 19, 2016

Who Will be The Judges??

Aryo Wiryawan, President Director of Indmira
Based in Yogyakarta, he continues the legacy of Indmira inherited from his father. Indmira has been an organic fertilizers producer since 1985, and now also does some other businesses like ex-mining area rehabilitation. Focusing on research, he also leads incubation of technology start-up, like Blumbangreksa (sensor for shrimp pond). Mr. Aryo has a background in programming, so with the experience in agriculture industry, he will be the perfect judge for you and your team.

Andhika Mahardika, Founder of Agradaya
Another judge based in Yogyakarta, Mr. Andhika works closely with farmers community in Minggir, Sleman. He and his team  help farmers to transform their yield to become more interesting to be sold to urban people. He previously lived in a big city and also joined the Indonesia Mengajar movement in Aceh. The "plan and impact" aspect will be his expertise during judging.

Vektor Dewanto, Computer Science Lecturer in Institut Pertanian Bogor
Based in Bogor, Mr. Vektor holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master's from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Computational Intelligence. His passion in robotics has grown into a core value as he is experienced in various projects in robotics and bioinformatics research groups. He will be your judge on technical aspects of your innovation.

Mysterious Judge, Farmer in Yogyakarta
Farming is a way of living that this judge has choosen for life. Now s/he is living in Yogyakarta and making an investment platform for farmers in Mondoretno village. Preparing for the infrastructure, s/he is ready to announce about this project. We keep the identity of this judge because you will work closely with this judge during the live in. However, because s/he is a real farmer, you will be judged by how relevant your innovation will be for farmers.


Puspita Insan Kamil (additional judge), Co-founder Ladang Nusantara
Has been involved in various environmental projects and NGOs since 2010. She understands many climate change issues starting from energy conversion, water contamination, food waste, to biodiversity conservation. With knowledge of how environment affects human psychology, she will evaluate a minor "wow factor" that relates to your innovation's solution towards climate change.


Aryo Wiryawan, Presiden Direktur Indmira
Tinggal di Yogyakarta, ia melanjutkan Indmira yang didirikan oleh ayahnya. Indmira telah mengembangkan pupuk organik sejak tahun 1985, dan kini juga melakukan unit bisnis lain seperti rehabilitasi lahan bekas tambang. Fokus pada penelitian, ia juga memimpin inkubasi start-up seperti Blumbangreksa (sensor untuk kolam udang). Aryo memiliki latar belakang di bidang programming, ditambah pengalaman di industri pertanian, menjadikannya juri yang sempurna untuk kamu dan tim kamu.

Andhika Mahardika, Founder Agradaya
Juri lain yang tinggal di Yogyakarta, Andhika bekerja dekat dengan komunitas petani di Minggir, Sleman. Ia dan timnya membantu petani untuk mengubah hasil panennya agar menjadi lebih menarik untuk dijual ke masyarakat urban. Ia sebelumnya tinggal di kota besar dan tergabung dalam gerakan Indonesia Mengajar dan ditempatkan di Aceh. Bagian "rencana dan dampak" akan jadi aspek yang ia evaluasi dari kamu dan tim kamu.

Vektor Dewanto, Dosen Ilmu Komputer Institut Pertanian Bogor
Vektor memiliki gelar sarjana dari Teknik Elektro Universitas Indonesia dan gelar magister dari Tokyo Institute of Technology di bidang Computational Intelligence. Minatnya di bidang robotik telah terinternalisasi sebagaimana ditunjukkan dalam pengalamannya di kelompok penelitian robotik dan bioinformatika. Ia akan menjadi juri di aspek teknis dari inovasi kamu.

Mysterious Judge, Petani di Yogyakarta
Bertani telah menjadi cara hidup yang dipilih oleh juri ini. Kini ia tinggal di Yogyakarta dan mengembangkan platform investasi bagi petani di desa Mondoretno. Sembari menyiapkan infrastruktur, ia siap untuk mempublikasikan proyek ini. Kami menjaga identitasnya karena kamu akan bekerja dekat dengannya selama periode live in. Karena ia adalah petani, ia akan mengevaluasi kamu dari bagaimana inovasi kamu akan menjadi solusi nyata bagi petani.


Puspita Insan Kamil (juri tambahan), Co-founder Ladang Nusantara
Telah terlibat dalam berbagai proyek dan LSM lingkungan sejak 2010, ia memahami berbagai isu perubahan iklim mulai dari konversi energi, pencemaran air, limbah makanan, sampai konservasi biodiversitas. Dengan pengetahuan akan bagaimana lingkungan mempengaruhi psikis manusia, ia akan mengevaluasi aspek minor dalam "wow factor" dari inovasi kamu yang terkait dengan solusi perubahan iklim.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Register Now! HOW?


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hack-a-Farm Maker's Kit

To support participants in making awesome solutions on the hackathon day, the Hack-a-Farm will be providing a maker's kit for all teams participating!
The list of the provided items:

  • Solar Lipo Charger (3.7V)
  • 3.7V Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 1000mAh
  • WiDo - Open Source IoT Node (Arduino Compatible)
  • TP-LINK Portable 3G/4G Wireless N Router (TL-MR3020) 
  • Generic Box
  • Mini Solar Panel 3W 6V
  • Internet Modem
Aside from the list provided above, we suggest participants to bring any tools or devices they see would support their hackathon experiences. Tools such as soldering iron, spool of solder , or cables, etc should be brought by the participants.

Further more, the Hack-a-Farm will provide a reimbursement fund for 1.5 Million Rupiah for all eligible participants for any tools or device they will want to bring to the hackathon! Happy making!


Untuk mendukung peserta dalam membuat solusi-solusi keren pada hari hackathon, Hack-a-Farm akan memberikan maker's kit untuk semua tim yang berpartisipasi!
Berikut adalah daftar barang yang disediakan:
  • Solar Lipo Charger (3.7V)
  • 3.7V Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 1000mAh
  • WiDo - Open Source IoT Node (Arduino Compatible)
  • TP-LINK Portable 3G/4G Wireless N Router (TL-MR3020) 
  • Generic Box
  • Mini Solar Panel 3W 6V
  • Internet Modem
Selain daftar yang telah disediakan di atas, kami menyarankan untuk membawa peralatan ataupun device yang dirasa akan mendukung pengalaman hackathon. Peralatan tersebut antara lain seperti solder, timah, aneka kabel, dan lainnya sebaiknya dibawa oleh peserta.

Sebagai tambahan, Hack-a-Farm akan memberikan reimburse sebesar 1,5 Juta Rupiah kepada semua tim yang berhak ikut untuk peralatan atau device apapun yang ingin mereka bawa ke hackathon! Selama berkarya!

Why You Should Attend Our Launching

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hack-a-Farm Innovation Camp Launching

Learn more about the Hack-a-Farm Innovation Camp at our official launching!
Venue: @america, Pacific Place Mall Level 3, Jakarta
Time : Wednesday, 17th August 2016, 2 - 4 PM
Also inviting guest speakers to share their insight about the agricultural sector:
 -Lintang Adyuta Sutawika (Hack-a-farm Technical Manager)
 -Andi Nusa Patria (Vice President of Indmira) 
 -Andhika Mahardika (Founder of Agradaya) 
 -Tantyo Bangun (CEO of Kecipir) 
 -Walesa Danto (CEO of Limakilo) 
Moderated by: Puspita Insan Kamil (Hack-a-farm Indonesia Chapter Manager)

Be sure to celebrate Independence Day by learning more on what you can do to contribute to our national agricultural industry!

Get Ready for Hack-a-Farm Innovation Camp!

We are proud to announce that we will be opening our registration from the 17th of August until the 17th of September! We will be announcing what you need to register soon so keep brainstorming and rock on 'till then!

Don't forget to:
1. Prepare: your idea for a breakthrough and super cutting edge innovation in this field
2. Prepare: if you have your team of 3 (include you), will be best!
3. Fill in this form to get the latest update!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Be The First!

Are you curious of how Indonesian farmers live their life everyday, and want to observe close what are their problems, needs, and stories? Do you want to invent something to solve agriculture challenges?

Hackafarm is suitable for you! You will get 3 days experience living with the farmers then try to crack the problem within 36 hours hackathon. You will also get a hardware starter kit in this competition.

What you need to do:
1. Prepare: your idea for a breakthrough and super cutting edge innovation in this field
2. Prepare: if you have your team of 3 (include you), will be best!
3. Fill in this form to be the first one to know about this prestigious competition, funded by the US Embassy and U.S. Department of State!

"Prepare. Prepare. Win."


Apakah kamu penasaran bagaimana petani Indonesia hidup setiap harinya, dan ingin mengamati mereka dari jarak dekat untuk tahu masalah, kebutuhan, dan cerita mereka? Apa kamu ingin membantu mereka dengan menciptakan sesuatu untuk permasalahan pertanian ini?

Hackafarm cocok untuk kamu! Kamu akan menginap selama 3 hari di sebuah komunitas petani dan menciptakan solusi selama 36 jam hackathon.Kamu juga akan dapat hardware starter kit dalam kompetisi ini.

Yang perlu kamu lakukan:
1. Persiapan: pikirkan ide inovasi super keren dalam bidang ini
2. Persiapan: jika kamu punya tim, maka lebih baik lagi (3 orang termasuk kamu)
3. Isi formulir ini untuk jadi yang pertama tahu mengenai kompetisi prestisius ini, didanai oleh Kedutaan Besar Amerika Serikat dan Departemen Luar Negeri Amerika Serikat.

"Bersiap. Bersiap. Menang."


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